Walton Primo H8 Turbo Price In Bangladesh

walton primo h8 turbo edition

Walton Primo H8 Turbo Price In Bangladesh is 7,099 Bangladeshi Taka (2 GB RAM + 16 GB ROM) / 7,999 Bangladeshi Taka (3 GB RAM + 16 GB ROM). This is the official price of Walton Primo H8 Turbo which is the upgraded version of Walton Primo H8. Let’s talk about the price of Walton Primo H8 Turbo in BD.

Walton Primo H8 Turbo Price In Bangladesh is 7,099 Taka / 7,999 Taka

walton primo h8 turbo edition
walton primo h8 turbo price in bangladesh
  • 2G, 3G, 4G
  • 5.45 inches Display
  • 8 MP Back Camera
  • 8 MP Selfie Camera
  • 2 GB / 3 GB RAM
  • 16 GB ROM
  • 3200 mAh Battery
  • Fingerprint Sensor

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Actually, this Turbo version has almost the same specifications as the Walton Primo H8 but the processor is different. Walton Primo H8 processor is 1.28 GHz and Walton Primo H8 Turbo processor is 1.5 GHz. This is the main difference between these smartphones. Otherwise, everything is the same in the Turbo version.


Primo H8 Turbo has 2 different versions, one has 2 GB RAM and another one has 3 GB RAM. We will recommend you to buy the 3 GB RAM version because the price difference is only 900 Taka but you will get more 3 GB RAM which will give you better performance.

Back Camera

8 MP single back camera is good to take selfies but this is smartphone doesn’t have any special feature, that’s why we expected dual camera in the backside. But you will find only 1 camera in the back.

Selfie Camera

The selfie camera part is very impressive because this new Walton smartphone has 8 MP selfie camera. So it can be one of the good medium-low price smartphones for selfie lovers.

No USB type C

No USB type C port available, this is one of the bad parts of this smartphone. Micro USB in Android smartphones in 2019! But most of the popular smartphone brands are still using micro USB in their smartphone, so we can skip this part because this is a low price smartphone with 2 GB / 3 GB RAM.


4.5 inches IPS display is ok for this new Android smartphone. And you will get (720 pixels * 1440 pixels) display resolution. This is only HD, not full HD, but you have to look at the price range. So the display part is also ok for this new low price smartphone in Bangladesh.


3200 mAh Li-polymer battery is perfect and well enough for this low price range smartphone. You are getting 3200 mAh battery in the 7,099/7,999 Taka smartphone. This is the positive part of this smartphone.

Fingerprint Sensor

Now fingerprint sensor is the most wanted feature in the smartphones. Walton added a fingerprint sensor in the back part of this smartphone.

Well done Walton. This is a good smartphone. The price of this Primo H8 Turbo is ok. everything is perfect but something is missing. If you wanna buy this smartphone then go for it. But remember that this is just a cheap Android smartphone. RAM is not everything for Android smartphones. The processor is also important.

Yes, you need more budget to buy a smartphone which has a powerful processor. Because of the price, this is one of this best smartphone for Walton lovers.

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